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Good Health Remedies for Sciatic Nerve Problems

Have you ever met anyone that was so empathetic and in tune with the feelings of others that they inadvertently take on their conditions?

Well that is exactly what happened to a good friend of mine when she volunteered to be a companion for an elderly aunt of one of her good friends until they found a new, reliable care taker. This is what happened.

She went over to take care of “aunty” for just one day. She spent the entire day with her and had a great time. She tidied up the house for her. She washed and styled her hair. She made breakfast and lunch for her. They had great conversations. And she learned a lot from “aunty” about the history of the city. Facts she discovered were fascinating and could only come from someone that actually lived the history.

It was a joyous day. The time went by so quickly, she was actually sad it was time to go home.

Then it happened. She went to walk up the stairs to her front porch and her right leg just, as she described it, lost its functionality. And she fell straight down to the floor!

What a shock. What the heck was going on? She wondered. She got up and hopped into the house.

Her leg wasn’t getting any better and she started to worry. Where did this come from all of a sudden?

She called her friend to let him know she would not be able to sit with “aunty” the next day because of the onset of sciatica. He then went on to tell her about his aunts’ really bad condition with sciatic nerve damage. Then she started to put the pieces together.

Because of the many years that I have studied natural health remedies, she called me to ask for a good health remedy that she could use to address this terrible debilitating problem.

It is very scary to be walking and all of a sudden have your leg buckle under and make you fall down flat.

You don’t have to suffer with the pain and fear of sciatic nerve issues. Check with your local health food store for a homeopathic remedy to take care of this issue. If you need further references, just send me an email and I will be happy to give you a list for remedies you can find locally for very reasonable prices.

To your good health,



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